astucci occhiali test

In the last few years Certottica has developed its chemical laboratory, by accrediting more standards and implementing new instrumentation to offer increasingly complete services and to make it possible for its clients to fulfil the obligations required by the REACH Regulation.

The REACH Regulation, in force in the European Union, regulates the use of chemicals by setting the limit (or if necessary the ban) for the presence of chemicals which are considered dangerous in products marketed in the EU.

Checking the content of such chemicals in your products is a duty.

Besides the “PLASTIC PACKAGE” and the “LEATHER PACKAGE” developed for frames and textiles (which you can enquire about by sending an email to the sales department to 

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the chemical laboratory has created the “CASE PACKAGE” with the standards used for the tests, many of which have already been accredited by Accredia, the single national accreditation Body appointed by the Italian Government

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