Our Institute was set up in harmony with the surrounding territory and its history, which tells about the origin and development of glasses. The company has grown over time and it offers a wide range of qualified services.
Certottica’s high professional competence makes it an important support for Italian and international businesses when it comes to analyze products and manufacturing processes in compliance with European Directives and Regulations and international technical standards.

assesses EC compliance of all eye and face protection equipment. In particular:
  -       sunglasses
  -       skiing goggles
  -       surface swimming goggles
  -       industrial protective goggles
  -       protective visors
  -       motorcycling visors

it assesses EC compliance of some class I medical devices connected with sight. In particular:
 -   spectacle frames

 -   pre-assembled glasses

 -   ophthalmic lenses

it checks essential safety requirements and the products design/technological premises

it issues test reports: test reports support technical documents and the manufacturer’s declaration of conformity.

It issues EC certificates, in compliance with the provisions of the European Directive and the new European Regulation for Personal Protective Equipment of Category II and III.

Every year, Certottica undertakes to have its laboratory tests accredited by Accredia, the only national accreditation Body appointed by the Italian Government to verify that certifying bodies and testing laboratories have the necessary expertise to evaluate the compliance of products, processes and systems with reference standards.

Working with constantly updated and accredited laboratory tests means that our test reports are accepted at international level in all countries belonging to the Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) entered into with overseas accreditation institutes and belonging to the NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accreditation system.

You can see the list of accredited tests on Accredia’s website at the following link: 

: www.accredia.it/accredia_labsearch

- I Category Devices
- II and IIICategory Devices